Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Digna y libre de armas"

"Worthy and free of arms"

Only in Kommifornia. Well not really, but Cali is usually the birthplace of all things anathema to the American way of life.

One of the latest affronts to Freedom is the leftcoast lunatic tizzy over firearms instruction in school.

Anyone believing that California is "savable" is an incurable romantic. Day by day it gets worse, not better, and I for one wouldn't give a rats ass were it not for the fact that such insanity can spread like wildfire.

It is sad, embarrassing, and downright criminal that California remains a state in the union. I would never think of telling anyone where to live, but then don't tell me that there's anything worth giving up one's heart, soul, and balls for.

And enough already with all this referring to California as a gun-rights-Alamo. The Alamo was a battle lost. Other men became so outraged that they banded together then went and killed the folks who stormed those walls. This is today. No one is coming for revenge. Why? There simply aren't enough heroes there to fight for. What, you'd ask us to give up our lives so that even more illegal aliens and alternate lifestylers might have a place to crash?

Besides; no leader worth his salt continues to suffer casualties once a battle is lost. To remain defending the same ground after the enemy has overrun it is an incredibly dumbass waste of lives and resources. And that's the bottom line. The left coast is lost. Comes a time when aiding and abetting the enemy simply because you happen to enjoy the weather isn't just counter-productive, it's downright traitorous.

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