Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Business As Usual In This The Greatest Country In All The World...

Clerk kills would-be robber and critically wounds another

Shop Owner Shoots Would-Be Robber

Left to our own resources, able bodied men have been taking care of business for, what time is it now, oh, the last 15,000 years or so. Time was when regular people would keep a town safe from those who'd dishonor the social compact, and cops were for ticketing the speeders and searching the woods for kids skipping school. All that changed when blacks were at long last made free, and the liberals began shaking in their booties just thinking about "niggers with ggggguns".

Gun control was the new talk of the town and police were hired in droves to "protect" those who were too manless to protect themselves. Fact of the matter is that the infamous Dodge City had far less violent crime than Washington D.C., or Chicago, crimes against women were virtually unheard of, and the worst that could happen was when range-deranged cowpokes would shoot one another...and ONLY one another... up after a hard day of boozing.

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