Monday, June 15, 2009

It's NOT A Tumor

"The Sabre™ Series of laser sights is ergonomically designed to mount onto compact models of Glock pistols. It is rugged, compact, and includes numerous features that not only increase the level of accuracy, decrease
target acquisition time, but enhance the overall shooting experience.

The Sabre™ can withstand the force of recoil while utilizing its “beaver tail” design to increase shooting grip and reduce the amount of recoil felt by the shooter."

Aside from the horrendously misshapen transformation of an already horrendously misshapen pistol to begin with, I instinctively duck for bullshit cover whenever anyone spells saber as sabre. I'm a simple man (just ask anyone). If a 5th grader gets it wrong on his spelling test then it isn't American English.

On the other hand, it'll only set you back $200 semolians to play chase-the-red dot, and they'll sell as many of these things as they can make.

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