Friday, June 12, 2009

Cop Shenanigans Part Deuxy*

CHICAGO — "A Chicago police officer caught on video beating a stabbing victim who was handcuffed and shackled to a wheelchair was sentenced Thursday to more than three years in federal prison.

A federal judge imposed the 40-month sentence after viewing hospital security footage of William Cozzi, 52, handcuffing the man to the chair in an emergency room. Cozzi then shackled the man's legs to the chair and struck him with a sap, a weapon similar to a small blackjack club with a heavy center and usually covered in leather. The officer later accused the man of attacking him.

"We expect the police officers to serve and protect the public and not to do the kinds of things you admit you did," U.S. District Judge Blanche M. Manning said in sentencing the 15-year Chicago Police veteran to half the time sought by prosecutors."

Some officers said Cozzi was treated unfairly by Weis, a former FBI official brought in to head the Chicago department after a series of scandals involving officer misconduct.

"This is a message to all those officers in blue out there that after 15 years on the job you'll get thrown under the bus," defense attorney Terence P. Gillespie said after the sentencing."

Now try using that as YOUR defense after chaining someone up then beating them with a SAP. Cops the world over think its fine and dandy, however, because they really don't even know just how hypocritical it all sounds.

Different laws and privileges for different people is not what America is all about. Well, at least not until Judge Sonja Sotovocce gets sworn in. That's because she's a special person, too. Just ask her. Better yet, wait long enough and she'll flat out tell you so, just like the cops do.

*French for "2". From the Latin "this language is so fucked we make things up as we go along"

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