Monday, June 01, 2009

California District Creates Primary School Queer Curriculum

Elementary school teachers in Alameda, Calif., will introduce lesson plans to their educational curriculum beginning next year that address gay and lesbian issues, KCBS News in San Francisco reports.

Kindergarten through grade 5 students throughout the county will be exposed to same-sex educational material aimed at promoting tolerance and inclusiveness.

The curriculum –– which will include lessons to introduce students to “LGBT” (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual) issues –– will be designed to discourage bullying and teasing based on gay and lesbian stereotypes. The plan will be implemented despite objections by parents who complain children are too young to be exposed to the material.

Many parents are condemning the lesson plan as sex education in disguise and are angered that they will not be allowed to exempt their children from the lessons. Opponents decry the curriculum plan as an effort to advance the gay, lesbian and transgendered agenda.

The fairies are full of shit. They don't just want to be left alone in order to live their lives as they choose, no way in hell. What they want is what all exhibitionists desire; "hey...look at me! hey...I'm just sooooo damned special, ain't I?

This is sickening. Exposing young children to perversions such as gay sex. Mark my words, I've said it before and I'll say it again, kids. There'll come a time when pedophilia will be not only protected, but admired and even taught to children. As for me, I'd do anything it took to remove my child from such perverse "education" and home school. There are quite enough disgusting things for children to sort through without adding adoration for queers to the list.

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