Friday, June 12, 2009

Pocket knife ban models the gun control formula.

"For years, liberty purists and gun owners have asked why we don’t have Knife bans and why all the hooplah is only about guns. Well, surprise, surprise, they’re likely coming for the knives now as per a WorldNetDaily story by Bob Unruh. "They" may never really ‘come for you’, but when something is legal today and arbitrarily made illegal tomorrow, you’ve been had and didn’t even know it.

The process comes when someone introduces a concept and master prosecuting bodies or assigned agencies get the last word in how it all shakes out. The agencies may post that they are taking comments, but once they get ahold of it, they never let go and soon the concept of carrying a pocket knife with you will be illegal.

Yeah, there's a federal pocket knife ban in the works, and I haven't commented upon it because the "news" is so contradictory I wanted to let the smoke clear.

The states can still have the last say, except when it comes to a federal building and the like, but I for one really really hope that American knife manufacturers are shitting down both legs over this. You know, the same guys who make special gear like auto-knives, and won't sell them to "civilians" in states where it is perfectly legal to carry such a weapon because...

They are considered to be for LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY.

Luckily, here in Florida you can pick up a full-auto blade at many service stations fer chrissake so we don't need to BEG Spyderco, and Benchmade, and Kershaw to name a few anti-American fucktwaddles that believe self defense begins only after a badge gets pinned on. Since my leg gave out I've gotten a hold of some really cool sword canes, too. Not from the big companies that believe...

Such weapons are for LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY.

But from private sellers and flea markets, etc.

Bottom line? Contact your congress critter if you've a mind to and see if they can't sort this mess out some. Or do as many patriots do anyway and that is to conduct ones life in a proper manner no matter what the anti's and the knife companies say.

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