Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama's Chicago Takes The Life Of Another Innocent

"Two people are in custody Thursday in connection with Wednesday night's drive-by slaying of a 9-year-old girl who was outside her grandmother's house washing her dog when she was shot in the neck, according to a published report."

Such a beautiful child. Killed by the monsters who habituate the environs of Chicago, the rampant beasts that are ALLOWED to run free because to line them up and shoot every last one would be considered racist.

Can you imagine a politician from such a dump, someone who carries with him a full share and then some of the blame for the lawlessness of his race and the out of control creatures that have been intentionally spawned to destroy then destroy some more; can you imagine such a man wishing to assume a higher station in life? A man who feels that he should be rewarded for the deaths of sweet little girls like this.

Look, you can't really blame the man himself. Retarded people and criminals and sociopaths just do what their limited intelligence bids them to do. No, the blame goes directly on the shoulders of those who would VOTE for such a man.

Back when Chicago was a cattle town, killing a child would have been front page news and incited all men of good will to hunt down the culprit(s). That's of course when men considered it an honor to protect the weak among them.

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