Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Continuing this in another post rather than fight with Booger trying to cover the pictures with dialogue and vice verse.

As a 440C aficionado I also appreciate the ease of sharpening my NAVY has over Hugh Gene's S30V. Don't get me wrong, I like S30V to no end but there just isn't all that much of a drop off with regards to my needs. I use diamond hones anyway so we're only talking maybe another 5-8 minutes fiddle fucking with the Skirmish, but at the end of the day Benchmade has made the better knife no matter how you slice it.

But not THAT much better.

Not almost $186 better. $40 sure, maybe even $50 or $60 considering the super-steel and the Aluminum scales that I don't like anyway. The fit & finish is almost a dead heat but who can really tell from examining but one sample of each product?

Even adding in the shipping one can purchase 35-40 knockoffs for the price of a Skirmish, depending upon how long you'd wish to do battle on eBay.

Oh and yeah, I didn't baby either knife. They lopped off thumb to thumb and a half thick branches, cleared shrubbery, dug holes, rooted out roots, and if push came to shove either one would be better than harsh language in a mano-a-hogo. Neither is a camp axe, but both are stronger than the average folder and will make-do in a pinch.

Around here there lives a breed of man that hog-hunts using a knife. Not a spear, a knife. Fixed blade to be sure, fixed blade with no less than 7 or 8 inches of razorlike steel. This I will not do INTENTIONALLY, but if cornered would sure want a NAVY or Skirmish over a Spyderco Military or Police. Just saying.

Plus, to me they're simply cool.

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