Friday, June 12, 2009

Officials: Shot Fired In Standoff Was Lethal Round


"Polk County Sheriff's Department officials said Wednesday a shot intended to be non-lethal that was fired at a man during a standoff situation turned out to not be a beanbag round.

Officials said it's a mystery as to how the normal, lethal round was loaded as a non-lethal round. The non-lethal rounds are normally color coded and set apart from normal ammunition, officials said."

The only "mystery" here is how such a braindead jackass got sworn in then allowed to play with the grownups. Not that we should expect these parasitical nincompoops to possess an attention to detail commensurate with their profession...hell, that'd mean firing most of the cops in America...but good Lord men, THINK.

And yeah; the guy he scattergunned died.

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