Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fallout From The Korean Massacre Begins....

CDNN Investments was a great place to buy guns. You couldn't select one online, but their catalogs were always chockablock with great deals.

Now they are hedging. Several phones calls to them have resulted in several different responses. In an attempt to preempt the anti's, CDNN is going low profile BIGtime, and has frantically altered their 2007-3 downloadable catalog so badly that it is nearly indecipherable when looking for handguns.

Their website is hosted by Yahoo, and it is there contention that Yahoo will pull the plug should they make handguns available, even via a catalog.

Are they, or are they NOT still in the handgun business?

There will be many, many, angry emails over this, and I only mention it as an update on the anti's neverending attack.

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