Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NYC Slavery "Apology" Rearing It's Head Again

A resolution calling on the City Council to "express profound regret for slavery" was introduced yesterday by a group of Council members.

The group of largely African-American Council members said an apology is long overdue for "the very key role" the city played in the slave trade.

"[We] never received the 40 acres and a mule that was planned," noted Councilman Albert Vann (D-Brooklyn), who said no reparations or other remedies were ever enacted in America.

"And so, I think the least of what we can do is to apologize," he added..."

And I never thought I'd need to be armed simply to check the mailbox, so how's about you fella's offering me one, too?

And gee guys, but NEW YORK CITY? Where the abolitionist movements began? The underground railroad? Where the majority of Union troops left from and never returned to? And if you get the apology will you offer a similar one along with one helluva thank-you?

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