Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Get 'Em While They're Hot

Barrett Model M82A1 Semi-Auto Only $9695! Click here to find out more

The Barrett Model 82A1 rifle gained popularity by pioneering the return of shoulder fired big-bore rifles for shooting enthusiasts. This unique operating cycle, the M82A1 easily fires the largest commercially available cartridge in the world. The Barrett M82A1 developed the lowest recoil force of any comparable rifle. The M82A1 operates on the short-recoil principle.Ronnie Barrett, the founder adapted this operating principle to a shoulder fired rifle. The recoiling barrel and bolt assembly acting against innovative spring and buffer assemblies replace the sharp recoil impact with a longer-acting lower recoil force. To further reduce the recoil load, the M82A1 is fitted with a dual chamber muzzle brake. The muzzle brake redirects high velocity gun gas to lower recoil by almost 70%. These time-proven methods and innovative designs, the Barrett M82A1 offers safety, rugged durability, and reliability to the big-bore enthusiast.

- Caliber .50 BMG (12.7 X 99mm)
- Chamber Chambered for commercial and MATCH ammunition
- Operation Semi-Automatic - Short Recoil Cycle
- Barrel Length 29 inches (73.67 cm)
- Rifling Twist 1 turn in 15 inches (38.1 cm)
- Rifle Weight 28.5 pounds (12.9kg)
- Overall Length 57 inches (144.78 cm)
- Disassembled Length 38 inches (96.52 cm)

Complete Factory Built Package Includes a Leupold Scope, 2 Magazines, and a Pelican Case.
Great Price $9695!
Plus $50 US Shipping (lower 48 states only)

Must Call to Order! (208) 437-0612

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