Monday, April 23, 2007

From Fudd To Dud

"If not banning guns all together - which will never happen, I'm sure - then at least make guns harder to get. Maybe we could try making everyone with a gun register themselves and their gun with local police departments. Maybe this would help keep guns under control.

I say to all lawmakers and lobbyists, just work on it so that maybe this violence will eventually stop.

I just don't get how we can keep killing each other with guns and then answer that problem with letting ourselves have more guns. I hope I'm not alone in not understanding this reasoning that Martin makes.

Yes, people will always be able to find guns even if they become harder to get legally, but let's make it harder than it is now. It's worth a try and I'm sure all the people who lost someone they loved to a person with a gun may feel like there loved one didn't die for nothing.

Jennifer Lewis
UK class of 2006

No link. I'll not encourage bad behavior. Mz Lewis is a soccer mom in the making, and add her to the list of Fudd's and out right anti's, which is why we cannot rest on our laurels.
Yes, Mz Lewis. Registering a gun will stop someone from going insane then using it to kill people.

Sure.You might want to check to verify this, but murdering people is already illegal. Demanding that the criminals and the crazies behave themselves doesn't work very well. Which is why even YOU need to learn how to defend yourself. No guarantees, Mz. No freedom from crime zones. This is the world we live in and the sooner you realize this and get over it the better off you'll be. Yes, it can be scary. Sorry Mommy and Daddy didn't prepare you for this but it's not too late to learn on your own. Bad men no go away because you call a time out.

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