Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Suggestion

During the Virginia Tech Korean Massacre, instead of helping to rid the halls of the little monster, students were busily taking pictures of the goings-on so here's an idea.

If it isn't possible to bestir their manhood with a mere firearm, then hows about one with a photo-capable cell phone.

Easy to draw and simple to operate, it might remind such sheeple that ...wait a minute now...I can do something other than run and beg. Oh sure, I can record the events for posterity and share such cool ass pics with my homey's, but even stop a mass murderer too!

There's still those socialist-agenda laws to circumnavigate; the ones that revel in creating target-rich environments to better assist in rape, thievery, and murder, but if enough young people learn to appreciate the benefit of guns then they might even grow up to be responsible adults who would vote the lefties out of office, and maybe, just maybe, learn how to fight back instead of begging then dying.

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