Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hammer Time

"People who legally carry handguns have proven themselves 8 times less likely to commit violent crime than armed police officers. I've gone my whole life being decent and crime free and so have the MILLIONS of licensed carriers across this country. They just don't start going wacko because there is a gun strapped to their hip. This is proven time and time again when carry laws are relaxed. What makes a hunk of metal turn people into a lunatic... magic?"

Doesn't matter that Hammer tells it like it is because the MSM and their cultist liberal enablers...yes, I've at long last come to the conclusion that leftwingers view their political views as a religious experience...will continue to lie, cheat, and steal when necessary to create the wrong impression towards guns and their role in self-defense.

What the loons CAN'T do is stifle the new media like they did the old, which is why they desperately want restrictions on talk radio as well as blogs. Once upon a time there was no way to find the truth.

Not anymore. The average member of law enforcement is far more likely to commit a felony, but they keep pointing to the police as a standard to judge all others.

Sorry. I'll stay on the side of the law thank you very much.

Whoops and sorry. Found the Hammer vent at Blognomicon.

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