Friday, April 17, 2009

And Remember...Torture Is Only Allowed If The Subject Is Innocent And Helpless...

...But never against, oh say, a moslem terrorist who has avowed to kill you, your family, and pretty much the entire country. And oh yeah, almost forgot; only if it's done by the hired help still calling itself Law Enforcement, who, after all, has a license to maim at will.

I feel for the guy. If I'd have been there and witnessed such a travesty he'd have had company alongside the road, but truthfully now, only after I ran out of golden bb's. BUT, it amazes me that this surprised him.

Really does. Thought everyone was in on the latest LE ruse about using dogs to nullify the 4th Amendment. You've nothing to hide? Sorry, the dog "says" there's a stash in the car pal and that means probable cause.

Thanks to David Codrea for alerting us all to yet another instance of traitorous brutality.

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