Friday, April 17, 2009

If Ya Can't Beat 'Em...License 'Em

So what DOES a Jurassic Press DO when they've been summarily beaten to the quick and exposed as the lying, subversive cretins they truly are? Why, get a White House job so's you can convince the idiot masquerading as President to LICENSE journaljizers!

"Obama’s appointee to the office of undersecretary of Defense for policy, Rosa Brooks (picture to the left: Fits), was once a reporter for the LA Times. Nowadays, she is busy trying to convince the People that it’s a great idea for the Federal government to bail out newspapers and grant special licenses to reporters."

The link to the above, The Liberal Heretic, was found at The War on Guns. Remember it, pass it along, or better yet both, so's the Fudd's among us aren't all that surprised when another liberty becomes permissible only after a licensing dog and pony show. And remember that face, too.

Hey, it's a small world.

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