Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Knives R Neat

The knifeknut snobs feel that the Cold Steel company is the shitz because, well, because they do happen to advertise a helluva lot on YouTube and the like and they also make really really big knifes.

The Cold Steel Voyager X-2 is a VG-1 folder with a 6" blade. I've never had a knife with VG-1 steel, but folks in the know tell me that it is something of an upgrade to AUS8, and since I am averse to AUS8 I sort of wanted something more than something of an upgrade, but those same know-alls constantly refer to the heat treat being the be all, end all, so I shouldn't necessarily judge a knife by its moniker.

The knife came in today's UPS shipment, and so far pleases me. Haven't of course had the chance to test it on hog skin...some dudes use ballistic gel and the like to gauge penetration but I like to shoot or stab a big ass pig instead...but out of the box the blade is pretty sharp, the knife is relatively lightweight for its humongous size at about six and a half ounces, and folded fits quite nicely in my front pockets thank you very much.

Here's what I'm thinking of doing. I've been sharpening knives all of my adult life, and I guess I do a pretty decent enough job, but there's this siren call of the knife-sharpener-dudes who'll turn your okay edge into something that'd shred a red corpuscle in twain even before breaking the skin.

Anyways, I'll fiddle with the thing for awhile, take it into the swamp and do knife stuff then have a go at putting on my bestest of best edge. It already slices 24 lb. printer paper like the dickens and then some, and pushes newsprint with ease. Shaves the hair from my forearm too, but that isn't what I consider scary-sharp and the only way to find out if these Knife Yoda's are the real deal is to send it to one of 'em.

We'll see. And I'll update the knife as it and I take on the wilderness.

Oh and yeah; to-the-door it was $80.

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