Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Obo And The Norks

"As soon as the UN Security Council passes another ineffectual resolution regretting the defiance of its last ineffectual resolution, the North knows it can eventually find the Obama administration back at a negotiating table for the charade's next act."

Not that it won't be hilarious seeing Lil Kimmy greeting Lil Rodham in the be-all, end-all, battle of the pants suit, but the next 4 years of kow-tow'ing to villains thieves and scoundrels is going to be hard for real Americans to swallow. Unless one happens to be Monica Lewinsky but that's not important now.

Strange thing about Rodham is the fact that every thug on earth will see through her phony tough girl act and realize she's nothing more than a whining, clueless witch who's so immensely sure of her "abilities" she cannot be bothered to learn simple grade school factoids and pronunciations. From there its Katie bar the door as one after another our enemies treat Barack Hussein and his henchpersons as empty suits who can be manipulated and stolen from.

The difference between Bush's plan to end all tyranny and Obo's strategems for one world hug fest?

Everyone knew that George would nuke mecca and/or Norkville if pushed hard enough.

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