Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cop convicted of killing unarmed motorist in road rage case

"A Bronx cop faces up to 15 years in prison after he was convicted Friday of killing an unarmed motorist almost two years ago.

Officer Raphael Lora showed no emotion as Bronx Supreme Court Judge Margaret Clancy announced the verdict. He shot and killed Fermin Arzu, 41,

"Im happy he was convicted," said Arzu's daughter, Katherine, 22. "I thank my family and God for being there, but it's not going to bring my father back."

Try chasing down, then shooting someone whose only crime was running away from you as you shouted and cursed at him while brandishing a gun.

Not one of the dozens of neighbors witnessing this murder backed the cop's story and if you don't think that the NYPD worked feverishly to find someone to come forth then you haven't been paying much attention to our police state.

15 years. MAX. After 5 or 6, a parole board will set this murderer free, he'll get the PBA to blackmail the city into giving him a disability, then retire on a sweet pension.

Justice, modern America style.

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