Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mexico Cancels Public Events From Swine Flu Fear

MEXICO CITY/GENEVA (Reuters) - "A new flu that has killed up to 68 people in Mexico could start a global epidemic, the World Health Organization warned on Saturday, as tests showed the strain might be spreading in the United States.

Mexico's crowded capital, where most of the deaths happened and home to some 20 million people, hunkered down in fear of the swine flu."

No word yet on from whence the M-4-geries came from, but it stands to reason that our government will be soon declaring they were smuggled into the country after a U.S. gun show.

Here's the real deal; in all probability the pictured poodle shooters were bought legally from American firms permitted to sell to Mexico. But check back with those same cops a year from now and every last one of them will have been sold to one drug lord or another. Then, a raid will find them and a trace will show they came from the U.S.

...and finally...

Our media will report that once again our firearms wound up in bad guy hands.

Done deal. Liberal voters and politicians and media members simply cannot follow anything resembling a linear thought process, and all they know is that we make guns, gangsters get guns, so it's the honest American citizen's fault. Gotta be.

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