Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo-Radar Van Driver Shot to Death

PHOENIX - "Phoenix police arrested a suspect in the fatal shooting of a man who was operating a state police photo radar unit that was parked on a north Phoenix freeway to catch speeders, police said Monday.

The suspect was being questioned Monday morning, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Andy Hill said in a news release. Police said more information would be released at a briefing later in the day.

DPS Director Roger Vanderpool called the killing "appalling (and) senseless."

No, "senseless" is taxing, and regulating, and fining the public until the rage becomes so pronounced as to be uncontrollable in some cases. Might want to check your history on that, Mr. Vanderpool. Some folks like to rebel against such atrocities.

"Arizona's groundbreaking photo enforcement program is controversial, with state lawmakers considering legislation to eliminate the program when the contract expires in 2010. Meanwhile, critics have proposed initiative measures to put a repeal on the 2010 ballot.

Other states have limited photo enforcement programs involving specific highways and construction zones, but Arizona was the first state with a statewide program.

Then-Gov. Janet Napolitano, now the U.S. Homeland Security secretary, had ordered DPS to begin developing the system in early 2007. She also was instrumental in writing the 2008 budget law that launched the program in September."

Ah but of course. Behind every great example of foolishness is a great fool. Like Mr. Janet.

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