Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blade Runner Remembered: Blaster Set To Fetch Big Auction Bucks

"Auctioneer Profiles in History expects about $3 million in total sales from the auction, which will include the collection of horror and science fiction promoter Forrest Ackerman and an animation puppet used in director Tim Burton's 2005 movie "Corpse Bride."

The "Blade Runner" blaster, with an estimated sales price of between $100,000 and $150,000, comes from Hollywood marketer and producer Jeff Walker, and Profiles in History called it the "holy grail" of sci-fi weapons."

Ford himself admits mailing-in the Blade Runner performance. Just wasn't his cup of tea and his hope was that if he did it so bad they'd find someone else. The clueless critics then of course raved about his "laconic genius" when it was clear to anyone actually looking that either the direction was gods awful, or Ford was suffering from malaria exacerbated by dysentery brought on by a spastic colon and the shingles.

Some of Forry Ackerman's stuff is going to be auctioned as well, and since I was remiss in reporting his death back in December of 2008, here's where you can check old Forry out.

And this is where you can find some additional info about the Blaster itself.

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