Sunday, January 01, 2006

Top 10 Predictions For Pajamas Media And Those Who Love Them

1. PJ Media will get worse.

2. The liberal bloggers associated with the PJ's will soon discover that the restroom doors of the White House appear to be thinner than those of previous administrations and launch a series of attacks condemning the Bush administration for eavesdropping on innocent handwashers. Several months after being found to have been in error, a previously unheard of columnist will then be front-paged to examine what went wrong, and, by the way, should we surrender the internet to the Europeans.

3. Pictures will surface of Roger Simon without a hat and the entire blogosphere will unite in demanding he never take it off again. Both sides of the aisle coming together will be a first in the annals of politics, and while pressure to split to their individual corners will be fast and furious, the cries of NEVER AGAIN will keep them at least on speaking terms.

4. Iowahawk will come to the conclusion that his satire pales in comparison to what passes for real stories at the place they're calling the Pajama Party, but be convinced to stay onboard because some of the readers can actually tell the difference and that's a good start.

5. Charles Johnson over at LGF will run at least one unsubstantiated story per week on commercial airliners being fired upon by rockets while circling O'Hare, and publish a holiday feature claiming that most of the fireworks being set off on July 4 are in reality islamic jihad terrorist attacks gone sour. But, by years end PJ Media will have not featured even one of his "essay's" and the straw will have broken the camel's back when he discovers that Roger has hired a real photographer who has been replacing the incomprehensibly horrid photo's at LGF with ones that show objects which can actually be identified at first glance. Dennis the Peasant persuades Charles to join him in his crusade to crush the Pajamadeen, but at the last moment it falls apart when Charles refuses to back down over his demands that Dennis change the name of the blog to Little Green Peasants.

6. John Cole will at long last realize that whining is not the same as debating, but don't hold your breath on this one.

7. By years end, ALL of the Scintillating-70 will have operating ads. By years end, ALL of the Scintilatting-70 will become overwhelmed by the shame of taking an investors money only to be part of the worst thing to hit the internet since Al Gore took credit for inventing it.

8. The Lizardoids over at LGF will continue to bombard Michelle Malkin's blog with hit after hit to prove to the PJ investors that she's worth the money, but smart folks will inquire as to why the average visit to her site averages just under 4 seconds and begin to think this one over.

9. Ann Althouse will log on to find NO derogatory, sexist, thug-driven comments on her blog from the unathletic supporters of the Open Sores gang, and spend many weeks wondering how she failed, even for a day, to be honest.

10. PJ Media will get even worse.

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