Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Shootings Update

Just got an email saying that the pistols used in the Virginia shootings were two (2) 9mm semi-auto's. At this point in time the MSM cowards are of course blaming the tool and not the man, nor the fact that these kids were left helpless against a madman's desires.

NO-GUNS-ALLOWED signs do NOT WORK to prevent CRIMINALS from killing people. Self-defense is the single most desirable thing to teach, and the best way to keep this from happening again.

So of course they'll dismiss the obvious, blame the gun, push for more restrictions, wring their hands each and every time a criminal commits a crime, then BLAME US.

Oh and by the way, not that it matters but the killer is being described as a young asian male. Were this to be Europe that'd mean middle-east moslem, and let's hope it isn't the case.

Tell you one thing. Were I to be attending classes today there is no way in hell I'm not packing. This happens if me, you, or any of us are there to witness it and one of two things happens...

The death toll goes up by one if we don't make it, or down by 31 if we do. Not a patriot alive who wouldn't take those odds and be happy for it. Not a damned one of us is running out a back door and waiting for help, either. Fuck SWAT. It'd end right there, right then.


Just got off the horn with a local Sheriff's Deputy who was on a local station today, bragging on how it wouldn't be possible for this to have happened on the UF campus.

"We run these very same scenarios with various task forces throughout the county, and within minutes would have established a command and control presence at the site..."

So, you're saying that you can prevent such tragedies?

"That isn't entirely possible. Our main concern is to isolate the individual and minimize the impact he'd have upon the community..."

Just like at Columbine? Where the police waited for hours? Or today at V-Tech where the shooter had full run of the campus for close to 3 hours?

"Establishing a viable presence does take time, there's no two ways about it, it doesn't pay to burst in helter skelter and unecessarily risk lives..."

So no breaking down the door just you and a partner and rushing the guy?

"That scenario is drawn from a fictional representation of what modern law enforcement is trained to do..."

So the guy kills people and others lie there bleeding to death while you make sure everyone is on the same walkie-talkie channel?


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