Friday, January 30, 2009

Ann Coulter On The Joy Of Liberal Victimhood

"...I don't know a single conservative who thought America wouldn't elect a black man.

If Republicans had run Colin Powell in 1996 -- back when he was a Republican -- he would have been the first black president. As Powell himself said, he received the strongest support from Southern white men, who admired his military background.

The first serious black candidate to run for president in America won, so blacks are one-for-one in a country liberals would have us believe is teeming with Ku Klux Klanners.

Throughout Obama's entire life, doors were opened for him, his college applications smiled upon and favors bestowed simply because he is black -- the original victim category in America. Being black is the highest victim caste because of blacks' authentic victimhood: The nation once tolerated slavery and Jim Crow.

But ironically, Obama's father is from Africa: He never suffered from the ancient policies that, today, give his son Victim Gold. To the contrary, if Obama's African relatives had anything to do with slavery, it was on the business end."

Now show me ONE, just one other talking head with the stones to tell it like it is the way Ann Coulter does.

But I tell you who the real victims are going to be this time around, and that's us. The libs wouldn't care a lick if Jughead sold the country to Iran, they're simply too much in love with the guy who has never done anything worth writing home about and probably never will. Unless you'd call setting America back a decade or three to be laudable.

He's the enemy from within and I'll say it again; anyone calling him or herself a Conservative while at the same time wishing him well is part of the problem and decidedly anti-Conservative.

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