Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rude Awakening At Wake

2 shot dead, 7 hurt at Wichita, Kan., wake

WICHITA, Kan. — "Police say two people were killed and seven wounded in a shooting during a wake at a house in Wichita.

Sgt. Ronald Hunt says all the victims of Saturday night's shooting were adults. He did not know their ages or genders.

Hunt says one victim is in critical condition, while as many as four others are in serious condition.

Police say the shooting occurred around 9:30 p.m. on the ninth day of the wake, which was being held for an elderly woman buried earlier Saturday.

Deputy Police Chief Robert Lee could not say how many shooters were involved but says some of the shots came from outside. Police won't say if they believe the shooting is gang-related.

Officers had trouble communicating because many of those at the house did not speak English."

Gee willickers, but what language DID they speak?

Let's see now; Russian? Scandinavian? German? French? Portuguese? Italian? No, definitely not Italian or they'd have had enough guns of their own to shoot back with and waste these gangbanging sons a' bitches.

Dammitall but I'm at a loss here. I mean, what group of people come to America and don't learn the language?? How could they get jobs and drivers licenses and important ass stuff such as medical services? What family leader would allow his or her charges to become so very vulnerable?

Why, without handouts from the government they'd dry up and blow away. Enough folks try to live that way, and the U.S. might as well have remained a colony of those socialist Euro fella's.

Seriously now, and I mean it; who goes to live in a place where they can't communicate then doesn't even try to learn??????????????

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