Thursday, January 08, 2009

See Ya'll After THE Game: AKA The BCS Championship Bowl

Florida versus Oklahoma.

Fits Fearless Forecast Finds Florida Favored

Florida has the slightly better real-world offense, so give them a 5 compared to Oklahoma's 4.

The Florida defense is also better, along the order of a 5 to 3.

Special teams are a blowout in Florida's favor. 5 to 2.

Add the point scores then double. Florida wins 30-9.


I'm not an Urbanite. Something about the guy just doesn't ring true for me. This is particularly important in college sports where the kids turn to their father figure for just about everything. If he doesn't get them ready to play, they simply won't do it on their own.

On talent and near homefield advantage, the Gators should win this one going away. Their special teams alone are good for 10 points and Oklahoma isn't as fast on offense or defense.

But that damned emotionless coach....


BOTH teams showed the rust from sitting on their collective arses for a month, but at the end of the day the Florida defense...and the offenses 249 rushing yards...overcame a sloppily officiated game to bring a 24-14 victory back to Gainesville.

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