Monday, January 12, 2009

FYI: Barnes Expander

Cheaper Than Dirt
has the Barnes Expander .357 Magnum ammo back in stock @ $33.89 per 20-round box.

With regards to popular handgun munitions, these and .40 caliber 180 grain Federal HST's were all I ever found to absolutely stop a 200-300 pound hog. And, or so they tell me, as hogs go...all things being do humans.

For whatever reason, and this isn't a caliber war cuz I still love the old 1911, .45 ACP is slightly better than tossing rocks but not by all that much.

There are a plethora of .44 Magnum rounds that will drop a hog in his tracks, actually pretty much anything OTHER than the old Remington soft points, but I test what I carry then pass along the info as a heads-up and nothing more.

Seemed a tad, tad-and-a-half more reliable than shooting gello then extrapolating what a bullet might or might not do to a gremlin.

Not fer nothin', no ads, beholdin' to none, footloose and fancy free. YMMV.

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