Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Shit For Brains Hussein Worried About His Little Terror Pals Getting Their Collective Asses Kicked...

"President-elect Barack Obama said Tuesday he is "very concerned" about the loss of life in Israel and Gaza and is closely monitoring the situation, but he once again deferred to President Bush on the matter, saying when it comes to foreign policy the U.S. has just one president at a time."

So where was this terrorist loving son of a bitch when Israel was getting pummeled by these chimps masquerading as men?

Let's face it; the Jews have got to bomb and KEEP bombing these moslem scumdogs because when chicken-heart sits his lame ass down in the Oval Office he'll be calling for a quick ceasefire so that the terror gangs can flee to safety.

Liberals ADORE terrorists, and the kingshit liberal in charge is soiling his trousers with thoughts of his little pets being cut down, so c'mon Israel!

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