Friday, January 16, 2009

Plaxico Burress Part Ad Nauseum

"Plaxico Burress' Florida license that covered a rifle and an old, inoperable handgun was seized last month from his Totowa, NJ, home - but he's hoping the permit will stave off new gun charges even though it has expired, a source involved with the case said yesterday.

The license expired because Burress had failed to inform Florida authorities he was moving and the state sent the renewal forms to his old address, the source said.

"If you have a license and it's expired and not because of any misconduct on the part of the licensee, they typically don't charge you" with weapon possession, the source said.

Burress is already facing gun-possession charges for accidentally shooting himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub over the Thanksgiving weekend"

This is not news. This is inaccurate guesswork typical of modern journalism. There is no license necessary for a Floridian to own a rifle or handgun. Buy all you want, carry them in your personal vehicle even. Just don't tote a concealed handgun around because that's what the licensing system is all about. It's called a CWP, Concealed Weapon Permit. Since Florida has NO reciprocity with New one does, not a city or state because NY does not recognize concealed firearm licensing from anywhere in the universe outside its own environs...having a CWP means less than nothing to the powers that be who run Moscow on the Hudson.

Yes, Florida usually does look the other way if one lets his or her CWP expire. Move all you want, too, just go online and fill out the cyber paperwork, don't even have to have a new CWP sent to the new address as long as you've notified them.

But again, this means NOTHING to NYC. All Burress had to do was fork over the several thousand dollars necessary for an attorney to wade through the mountains of paperwork, and because he's a celebrity he'd have walked away from the process with a NY carry permit, but he didn't even do THAT, and this is what the fuss is all about. The licensing fees. Available for SPECIAL PERSONS. He fits that criteria to a T, but tried to act like a SPECIAL PERSON without paying for it.

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