Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rooting For Obama...

...Himself the root of a heckuva lot of evil.

I am not now, nor will I ever root for this stuttering imbecile. He stands for everything I despise and is a blame-America-first traitor of the highest order. If Obama succeeds that means America itself loses something. Do I want our enemies to go free? Our borders opened for every criminal with a healthy pair of legs and a backpack? Our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights lost to a party that brooks no dissension nor wishes any man to experience true freedom?

Of course not. I don't root for the enemy. If he wins then we lose, simple as that. And isn't it hilarious that his handlers are giving him silly speeches with which to bash Rush Limbaugh. Since Obama himself hasn't even the inkling of wit to engage in anything remotely resembling a scintillating debate, this might very well prove to be an ongoing laugh riot as Rush attacks and Obo awaits word on what to say in riposte. The smart money says that the Obo-Express gets derailed in record time and come 2010...2012 at the latest...the nation becomes so disgusted with his socialism at any cost that he goes down in flames, taking democrat majorities along with him.

The silver lining to an otherwise dreadful affair.

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