Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stop The Presses....

So I'm on Interstate 75 early this AM, driving through a horrendous storm. Made my way over to the far left lane to get out of the truck-wake which had rendered the road ahead virtually invisible, and vaguely saw a car approaching from the rear.

Coming up rather fast, not hell bent, but fast enough. Gainesville and its environs have switched to stealth police light bars, etc. to give 'em away...and it of course has done far more harm than good as the constabulary must resort to full frontal sirens to clear traffic if they truly need to warp factor nine their asses to a smoking wreck.

Hard to tell for sure, visibility was nil but it sort of might have been a cop car so I give it the gun and moved back into the center lane.

Yep. Sure was. He floors it, then slows a tick while passing. Turns on the siren in a short woop-woop and waves a thank-you. Since I bitch and moan when they act like jerkoffs, its only fair to report back when one of them remembers the social contract and extends a courtesy.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Mile or so up the road there was one bodacious bumper car battle so he wasn't just hot footing it to Dunkins.

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