Monday, January 05, 2009

Gun Sales, The Economy, And Handling The Handouts When There's Less To Give Away

"More and more Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the storm that is brewing on the horizon, a storm driven by the possibility of a complete economic collapse.

The more astute are reading the handwriting on the wall: military combat units being assigned for stateside duty to quell domestic disturbances, a militarization of law enforcement, and the fear of what will happen when the state is no longer able to provide monthly checks to the millions currently living on government handouts labeled as "entitlements."

A strong possibility exists, when the checks stop, those who no longer have will seek to forcibly take from those who do. The scenes from New Orleans after Katrina have not disappeared from the public memory.

Regardless, legislation has been pre-planned and is now in place to be implemented just as soon as we have another tragedy involving a criminal idiot with guns.

Most are unaware that Congressional representative, Carolyn McCarthy from New York, introduced H.R. 1022 in February 2007. This draconian, unconstitutional piece of socialist baloney would ban a multitude of firearms currently available, including the Ruger 10/22, one of the most popular .22 caliber rifles on the market. .22 caliber rifles are commonly used for small game hunting, plinking and target practice; none are in use either in the military or law enforcement as the caliber is considered too small and underpowered for use on targets larger than small game or predators; a fact that somehow escaped the intelligence of Ms. McCarthy. Proof positive that politicians don’t really care what type of weapon you have; it is the simple fact they do not want you to have any weapon at all.

Representative McCarthy’s husband Dennis was shot and killed by Colin Ferguson on the Long Island Railroad in December of 1993. Her son, Kevin, was also seriously injured.

The logic that has escaped Ms. McCarthy is: if her husband had possessed a weapon, he could have possibly saved his life and the lives of others that fateful day. Instead, those who were prohibited by the laws of the state from protecting themselves were hopelessly slaughtered and maimed by a madman who cared not about those laws, and thanks to the liberal laws of New York, is still breathing good air.

Ms. McCarthy won election to congress based on her anti-gun position. Ironic, is it not, that one can be elected to congress by proposing laws contrary to the constitution and then take an oath pledging to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic…"

McCarthy reportedly was inspired to run for congress because her predecessor, Congressman Dan Frisa, supported the Constitution and voted against an assault weapons bill. Leave it up to New Yorkers to defeat those who support the constitution and elect those who seek to destroy it.

Comrade McCarthy displayed her true colors when she filed a lawsuit against the Olin Corporation, makers of the ammunition used by Ferguson, but never filed suit against Ferguson himself. Obviously, McCarthy sought to profit from the death of her husband and the injuries to her son by accusing the manufacturers of an inanimate object of the crimes. Of course the company who manufactured this inanimate object had much "deeper pockets" than Mr. Ferguson, the person who actually loaded the ammunition into a firearm and pulled the trigger, killing six people and wounding nineteen. Thank goodness her frivolous lawsuit failed.

Americans are purchasing firearms and ammunition in record numbers, not because they believe 2009 will offer unusually good duck hunting, but because they fear the fallout from the coming economic storm and the state’s reaction to that fallout.

First off, there's plenty of cash around, lots being spent with lots more on the horizon, but what's scaring economists is the lack of investment monies. So any talk of "collapse" is nothing more than the uber-capitalists amongst us begging for our money so that they can make lots more loaning it out.

The economy was supposed to correct itself if and when things got out of hand and...lo and behold...golly gee but it did just that.

The silver lining is in folks spending at a record pace to keep up with the caliber of those who've ALWAYS been ready should the shit hit the fan. In this instance that means the government going apeshit because their pets can't pay the cable bill on time, because even the government isn't dumb enough to believe that these parasites will take out library cards instead.

WE worry that one of the most liberal asswipes on the planet was elected President-In-Training and a great many gun owners are adding to their collection should Hussein find the stones to actually get behind a full fledged gun grab.

Call me Pollyanna, but the only dark cloud on the horizin with regards to the economy is how long it'll take for so basically healthy a system to right itself. The DEPRESSION saw soup lines. The CORRECTION is seeing the third car that's the family junker being fixed rather than trading it in for a better beater.

But back to guns. Does Hussein have what it takes to back a new AWB? Does it matter, since he's nothing more than a propped-up nobody parroting his masters wishes?

I don't think they'll come at us with a frontal attack. Erosion, yes. More laws, more forms, more waiting. Once we become they the new sheriff in town, we'll be ripe for the plucking. This is why we can't settle for a "victory" just because they didn't rape us without the benefit of a reach around.

So very much on Obo's plate. And as long as we remain aware, he just might pay more attention to those unpaid cable bills.

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