Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"...The man was not arrested, but the guns were confiscated..."


Question: How can you confiscate firearms from someone breaking no law?


Another Man Brings Guns to LAX

"A second unrelated incident occurred Saturday morning when a man entered the airport to pick up his wife, according to LAX officials Police searched his vehicle and found two unregistered and unloaded shotguns (12-gauge and 20-gauge) as well as about 220 rounds of ammunition. The man told officers he recently went to a shooting range to fire the guns and forgot they were in his vehicle. The man was not arrested, but the guns were confiscated and he risks possible prosecution down the line. His name could also become part of a federal "watch list" database of sorts.

“While these are infrequent occurrences, it points to the success of the overall 'net of security' measures used by local, state and federal law enforcement at LAX---a process that actually begins before one enters the airport area,” said Sgt James Holcomb of the Los Angeles Airport Police"

Federal "watch list". Database. Of sorts.

So, when exactly is that mother-of-all-quakes supposed to hit?

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