Thursday, June 26, 2008

And The Gnashing Of Teeth Begins

"There are so many guns on the streets," said Pamela Bosely, a Chicago resident whose 18-year-old son Terrell was fatally shot in 2006. "If you didn't have the guns, we'd still have our children."

If some other mother was as loving as yours, Miz Bosely, perhaps she could have taught her son not to kill people. Rather than a ban on handguns, what we REALLY need is a moratorium against bad mothers.

"I just don't believe in guns. I don't like guns, period. And I don't think really anybody should be allowed to have guns." Kentucky coal miner Kyle Lea, 28, said the (recent) slayings reinforced his belief that gun ownership should be closely regulated."

And thank heavens few of us care what you think, or believe, Kyle. You are of course entitled to so silly a creed, but such stupidity is better served remaining yours alone and not spread like some insidious ailment. Or perhaps we should vote for preemption of the 1st Amendment in a similar manner that you and yours believe should curtail the 2nd. Something along the lines of a implanted computer chip that shuts down your vocal cords the moment something idiotic takes shape, or a device that leaves an everlasting imprint of your mutterings so that they may be traced back to the owner. Or how about only one dumbass opinion allowed per month or having to register to be a certifiable moron...

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