Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"You Are NOT Going To Rob This Bank Today..."

A 39-year-old Ypsilanti man used his concealed weapon and his experience in the Lebanese army to stop an alleged bank robber.

Police say a 54-year-old Joseph Webster of Washtenaw County attempted to rob a bank in Canton on Monday but his plans were foiled by Nabil Fawzi.

Webster walked into the Comerica Bank at 45420 Michigan Ave. and handed the bank teller a note, which read, “I have a bomb strapped around my waist. No dye packs.”

Canton police Detective Richard Pomorski said the teller activated the bank’s silent alarm and began to put $1 bills into a bag.

Another teller realized what was happening and informed Fawzi, who was the customer she was serving, about the robbery.

“I asked her is everything all right. They looked confused. She told me we might be getting robbed,” said Fawzi.

Police said the Fawzi then turned toward the suspect, pulled out a concealed handgun and pointed it at the suspect.

“I said, ‘You’re not going to rob this bank today.’ He said, ‘I have a bomb,’” said Fawzi. “I said ‘I don’t care. You’re not going to rob this bank today.”

Fawzi then escorted the suspect at gunpoint over to a chair where he was cornered until police arrived.

Police said he had a concealed weapons permit and the suspect did not have a bomb.

No injuries were reported.

Webster is charged with attempted bank robbery."

And don't for a moment think that the police weren't itching to charge Mr. Fawzi with something, ANYTHING but were stymied by that stupid CCW law. But of course the man had "permission". Says so right in the Constitution.

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