Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Threat FromThe "Information Age"

"Back in February 1998, (Bill) Clinton warned an audience at the Pentagon: "We have to defend our future" from an "unholy axis" of rogue nations using the global economic system to try to get weapons of mass destruction.

Yes, Clinton spoke of an "unholy axis" four years before Bush coined the phrase "axis of evil."

"These predators of the 21st century," as Clinton called them, "will be all the more lethal if we allow them to build arsenals of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. We simply cannot allow this to happen."

The prime example in Clinton's mind was Saddam Hussein's Iraq. That led him to sign the Iraq Liberation Act in October 1998 - making regime change in Iraq the official policy of the United States.

Four and a half years later George W. Bush completed the process that Clinton had seen, rightly, as essential to the security of the world, and removed the world's most dangerous rogue dictator.

Of course, the invasion failed to find the weapons of mass destruction that every intelligence agency in the world had thought Saddam was building. On the other hand, it did prompt Khadafy's dropping of his nuke program - and the exposure of the A.Q. Khan nuclear network.

Today's challenge is Iran. The Bush administration and the UN have tried every possible peaceful approach to checking Tehran's nuclear ambitions - and the mullahs have simply forged ahead.

Time is fast running out. America is going to need a new, more aggressive strategy if it's going to keep nuclear blackmail from being more than a mouse click away."

How conveniently the liberals disremember that Bill Clinton started the ball rolling with regards to ousting Saddam. Then use politics to try and discredit their own nation simply because their guy didn't win in 2000. If he had, and 9-11 went down the same way, you can bet that Gore would have taken Billy's advice and blown Hussein to kingdom come, with, of course, the blessing of the same folks who despise Bush.

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