Saturday, June 28, 2008

Federal Judge Won't Grant Injunction For Guns-Locked-In-Cars-Law...

...That goes into effect this upcoming Tuesday

You can click the headline link and read the sob sisters whining about installing metal detectors and other such nonsense, but if they'd stop for a moment, a gull-darned moment, they'd realize that if an employee was considered law-abiding enough to obtain a CCW permit, they all might actually feel better that there was someone, ANYONE around capable of defending not only his or her self from harm but infinitely more closer than the slow to be arriving police, should shit hit the fan.

Don't trust your employees, then fire them and find ones you CAN trust.

Okay? Feel better now?

Didn't think so. Lousy bosses are worrying about someone going into work-rage and capping their slavedriving ass but thats THEIR fault for having a slavedriving ass.

The blacks didn't stand for NO-COLOREDS-ALLOWED signs, neither did the chinamen or the spanish. Seems to me that the rest of us should be just as deserving of civil rights as they are.

Anyway, many folks I know already bring their guns to work. This way they won't get fired for it. Oh, and the following isn't going to work I can tell you that right now...

"The law, which Gov. Charlie Crist signed in April, will allow employees possessing concealed-weapons permits to keep guns in their vehicles while parked on their employer's premises. Not only will employers not be able to stop them, they won't be able to ask whether an employee has a gun in his or her car, either."

People have been telling me that employers have been chatting them up on it and I guarantee that come Tuesday they'll be asking if anyone brought a gun to work today.

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