Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Worker Shoots 5 Then Himself After Argument With Boss

HENDERSON, Ky. - "A man who killed five people and himself at a western Kentucky plastics plant called his girlfriend two hours before the rampage to warn her that he was going to kill his boss, police said Wednesday.

Police said Wesley N. Higdon, 25, had an argument with his supervisor about wearing safety goggles and using his cell phone while he was at his press machine Tuesday.

Later that night, as the supervisor escorted him from the building, Higdon shot him, apparently using a .45-caliber pistol he kept in his car. Then, he charged into a break room and the plant floor and kept shooting before killing himself, police said.

Hours after the shooting, police had set up a roadblock on the street leading to the plant, which is in an industrial area on the southern side of Henderson. Other employees at the plant were sent home."

Some were sent dead. Bloody shame that no one else had the luck to get to a vehicle in time to retrieve a gun. Might have saved the police the effort of setting up roadblocks. And perhaps some lives.

Even though killing innocent people is already as illegal as illegal gets, look for the anti's to push for additional laws making it MORE illegal . My heart goes out to the friends and families of the deceased, with hope that the gun grabbers don't stand atop these dead bodies to advertise their fondest hopes for the disarmament of all mankind, and the creation of even more murder holes.

David Codrea has his take over at The War on Guns.

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