Monday, June 30, 2008

...And So Does Rutgers

"...While Rutgers might have trouble this winter finding the money to heat its dorms and classrooms, it continues to pour millions into its football and basketball facilities. There's no better way for the taxpayer-funded state school to impress out-of-state recruits, many of whom, if not for football or basketball, would be far too academically deficient to be accepted to Rutgers.

But that's what brand-name universities do. They spend a fortune on those least likely to graduate. Sick, ain't it? And if the recruits are good enough, they might only stick around for a year or two.

And so what that Rutgers, in order to better financially serve football and basketball, eliminated far less expensive sports - crew, fencing, swimming and diving - that not only produced All-Americans, but superior students, the kind colleges are supposed to attract and then graduate.

Yep, Bruce Johnson, the village voice of Rutgers since 1985, was no longer a good fit, not for the modern brand. He's out for the same reason the Scarlet Knights now wear black uniforms."

As soon as Rutgers was reasonably assured of its acceptance as a major football power, it did what all schools do in order to stay that way. Lowered academic requirements for football and basketball players, then told the rest of the campus they'd be cutting back due to money problems. While at the same time funneling tons of cash into upgrading their sports equipment and training facilities. Oh and yeah, time to fire the stand up guy who called their games and replace him with a trash talking motormouth.

Its win-win. They suddenly have lots more minority "students" vying to get in and who cares if only a very small percentage of them actually graduate. Its the politically-correct thought that counts because campuses (and Rutgers has too many to count located all through the state) that were once bordering on lily-whiteness are at long last the wonderful rainbow that attracts donations from wealthy loons.

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