Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Team-Hate-America" Wants Us ALL To Back The Gun Grabbers

45Superman and David Codrea take on the Anti's among us...

Congressman Mark Kirk Works to Renew Assault Weapons Ban

Yes, some RINO's looking for a bandwagon to leap upon have taken the side of those wishing to reinstate the dead and buried...they're not taking mine away, don't know about you...assault weapons ban.

To summarize all of this fear one must first understand that it is anxiety of the highest order that coaxes otherwise sane people into following the preachings of gun-grabbers. They aren't afraid to be molested with "assault weapons", they'd have to be truly crazy to feel this way as the firearms in question have never been used to shoot down airplanes or the like, but rather are fearful that they themselves do not possess the requisite continence to own such tools.

The lawmakers who dream up these ridiculous bans? They are politicians of the purest sort. Preaching to every seat in the choir with the hope that enough "reasonable" people will be swayed to send them to Washington. Minus anything resembling core values, these misanthropes face one daunting task and one be elected and stay elected.

Please click into the links to see for yourself the weak-kneed ones weeping, and of course 45 and David's retort to these incredible stooges.

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