Friday, June 20, 2008

Now We Know Why Hillary Has Been In Hiding...

Hillary Clinton struggles with debt

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton's fund-raising has run so dry she'll likely have to eat the entire $11 million loan she gave her campaign, sources said.

Clinton's push to retire her debt - more than $20 million including her loan - is going so poorly that getting help paying it down has become a major point of negotiation with Barack Obama, who wants Clinton to help smooth things with angry Clinton die-hards, sources said.

"I have raised nothing since the campaign ended," one Clinton money person said.

That's left the Clintons in a bind, choosing between stiffing themselves, major creditors like pollster Mark Penn or thousands of small vendors.

Sources said the fact they've all but written off their own loan suggests they're favoring the local caterers and printers they used for campaign events.

"Even the Clintons wouldn't pay themselves back before they pay the little guy in Iowa," a Clinton fund-raiser said. After she quit, the money "dried up," the source said.

Clinton's best shot at retiring her debt now lies with Obama, who has built the best political cash machine ever seen. Sources said she wants Obama to tap his full grass-roots ATM, but negotiations were ongoing.

At stake for Team Obama is getting Clinton out working for him as soon as possible. "She will not go out until they have an agreement," said a senior source, adding that a deal certainly would be reached."

So much for the lame "she's with her family vacationing" bullswaddle that the Yellowstream Media wanted us to believe.

Since she threw in the towel, Skankles has been twisting Obama's arm to fork over some cash, just like the local hoodlum who promises a merchant that his business won't suddenly explode in the middle of the night.

Her and her reprobate hubby came to Washington penniless, left as multi-millionaires, and the drop in the bucket she "loaned" herself shouldn't stand in the way of anyone truly wishing to unite her party.

What horrible people.

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