Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are heading for a meeting of the money.

As the ex-foes are scheduled to sit down face to face this week and talk fund-raising, each needs to leave the table with the promise of riches.

New campaign-finance filings reveal Clinton has even more debt than previously reported, while Obama's fund-raising has stalled."

Blah-blah and yadda yadda. We've been saying all along that Skankles isn't jumping on the Obo bandwagon until he forks over some serious cash. When speaking of a Clinton, the motivation is about one of two things. Power, or Pay-Me. Bill has another P of interest but thats another story. This is what separates politicians from humanity. Were you or I to go on a fling and spend millions of dollars we didn't have, then ask for some more to pay those we stiffed, we'd be talking some serious jail time.

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