Saturday, June 28, 2008

Must Be Time For The Midwest But-Monkey's To Chime In As Well..

'Let's have some sanity concerning guns'

By Denise Tiller, Midwest Voices Panelist 2008

"I like shooting guns. If I could have one do-over in life, I would go back and accept the position on the University of Nebraska Women's Rifle Team that I turned down when I was in college because I was afraid of the time commitment. When the kids are gone and we have spare time, my husband and I plan to take up shooting.

The Supreme Court said we have a right to keep guns in our homes--to a point. Felons and people with mental impairments don't need guns."

Here it comes...are you ready?

But the key word here is HOME. Our founding fathers didn't intend for people to walk around packing guns. The purpose was to protect our homes. We never need people carrying guns in government buildings, schools, churches, and, yes, even stores. Nor does any citizen really need an assault weapon or armor piercing bullets."

This incredibly uninformed, dumb, socialist prig thinks that SHE knows whats good for all of us even though she isn't aware that vest-pocket-hideaway-pistols were favored by many the country-over just about right up until the major anti-gun laws went into being.

Men carried guns all the time, dear. Yes they did. You could buy one, along with the ammunition for it, at most halfway decent hardware stores across America. Blood did not run in the streets. Women and children did not run screaming into that dreadful night. Then a funny thing happened on the way to the future.

Liberals took over our larger cities, began handing out free money to any lazy creature that'd stop by and promise to vote. Crime then ran amok as those unfit for introduction to civilization nestled alongside real people, and then their liberal masters decided the only way to keep the pets from destroying themselves was to ban firearms.

The very first firearm I ever saw was a Derringer owned by my Great-Grandmother who passed away in 1970 at the age of 96, so that should give you some idea as to the age of the weapon. Many proper ladies carried one, Miz Tiller, and my dearest of relatives wouldn't leave home without it.

Bottom line, Miz Tiller, is the fact that you've not an inkling of what went on in America before the great gun-takeaways began, and without clue-one as to the history of it all you should be ashamed to speak as if you knew what was best for all of us.

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