Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great Olympic Moments Part I

Remember the bad old days when the Olympics were held in other commie countries such as...well...pretty much all of the Olympics outside the US have been, but that's another story...

This summer we'll be graced with watching chinese slavemasters putting on their version of just-let-the-kids-play, a far cry from the REAL Olympics that gathered warriors in order to determine who was top dog. The judging will be atrocious, that we can count on, with even non-commie judges giving the nod to commie-kids just to be fair. Think of it as affirmative action for marxist terrorists who don't get anywhere near the love they should.

Well that will be remedied and in spades. The kid can't box, wrestle, shoot a basket, nor be a good enough dwarven acrobat? No worries. The judges will tack on additional points just as if they were hiring otherwise unqualified minorities to work the subways.

We'll be keeping an eagle eye on the summer games so be sure to join us for all the merriment.

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