Friday, June 29, 2007

A Pickle In Piccadilly

LONDON — "Police thwarted a car bomb attack Friday in London's bustling nightclub and theater district, defusing a crude explosive device made of gasoline, propane gas and nails after an ambulance crew spotted smoke coming from a green Mercedes outside a nightclub. Hours later, police confirmed that a second car bomb was found in the center of the city.

The first car bomb, found near Piccadilly Circus, was powerful enough to have caused "significant injury or loss of life" at a time when hundreds were in the area, British anti-terror police chief Peter Clarke said..."

Stop the music, stop the music...

Now, I understand that moslem terrorists are intrinsically dumbass, but if they've proven one thing its the fact that goat-molesting sand fleas can blow the ever loving shit out of a car.

Rigging two high-end automobiles and having them go fizzle just doesn't sound right. Couple that with the Brit inability to catch dangerous criminals...last time I checked Jack the Ripper still hadn't been identified...and it almost appears as if these "bombs" were MEANT to be found.

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