Friday, June 29, 2007

Ron Paul Leads The Fight Against...

Student: So I just wanted to say, you know, we’ve talked to Dennis Kucinich and he says that he’s willing to, you know, investigate it. He would advocate for a new investigation.

Paul: Into 9/11?

Student: Yeah, into 9/11. I mean, if it was Dennis Kucinich and you, there’d be congressional support. You know what I mean? So you wouldn’t be the only one.

Paul: It’d be bipartisan, too. And I’ve worked with Dennis a lot on a lot of these issues.

Student: So I mean, would you advocate for a new investigation into 9/11?

Paul: Yes, I think we have to look at the details of it.

Yep. Ronny thinks we ought to have a closer look at 9/11 just in case those wacky Federal-Government types really DID mastermind the whole thing.

Cue Twilight Zone music and Fade Out...

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