Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Well-Armed Home Is A Safe Home...

"An alleged home invader was shot and killed and another was stabbed early Thursday morning when six victims scattered during the break-in, found stashed weapons and attacked the assailants, according to police.

Orange County sheriff's investigators said at least three people broke into a home located at 2672 Muscatello Street in the Peppermill subdivision, fired a shot into the air and screamed, "We mean business."

Deputies said the victims scattered to safe places in the home where they knew that they had weapons stashed and fought back.

When I looked over, I was just thinking, 'What do I do to protect myself? What do I do right now? How can I keep them from stealing everything that I have and killing me?'" victim Allen Long, who was punched in the left eye with brass knuckles, said. "I stabbed him in the side with my pocketknife."

The attacker yelled to his cohorts for a gun after he was stabbed and stepped out of a room to get it, Long told Local 6 News. "I locked (the door) and ran out the back," Long said. "If I'd have stayed in there, I'd be dead right now for sure." One female was in the house during the attack. "When I started crying, they waved a gun at my face and told me not cry or else I'd get it," Jessica Goodson said.

A resident named Cody was in bed when one of the culprits stole his cell phone and beat him before leaving the bedroom. "Once he heard that guy yelling for the gun, Cody came out with his (AK-47) and took care of it," Goodson said. "It was definitely self-defense."

Officers said the victims seemingly did what they had to do during the attack. "All that we know for sure is that we have one black male suspect that has been shot and killed, and one man who's been stabbed and fled the residence,"

Orange County sheriff's Cmdr. Tom Cockriel said. "(They) defended themselves. That's very possible that's what this turned out to be."

I use the following process to determine how better to defend my home and hearth: If I were to assault this house, how would I go about it. Where are the strong points, the more vulnerable ones. Are enough weapons stashed to instantaneously defend myself should a break-in occur anywhere.

Sadly, there isn't a room stout enough to toss a grenade into, but I'm working on it.

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