Tuesday, September 02, 2008

And Now For The Lighter Side Of Politics...

The Obama 'Experience'

"Democratic nominee argues that running a political campaign makes him more qualified to manage than Republican VP nominee Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin."





Okay. There. That's better. So then. In the What Have You DONE, What Have You RUN, scheme of things, Hussein believes that "running" a campaign where nothing of substance has EVER been uttered, is akin to actually being a chief executive of a state. Forget for a moment that he RAN NOTHING, that all of the legwork and the logistics were and continue to be handled by lackeys, asskissers, and sycophants extraordinaire, let's for the sake of argument agree that getting elected is the single most important, nay the only thing, a politician MUST do to display a certain degree of acumen.

So how often and to what office has he been elected? Senator. After being handed millions of dollars in campaign funding and leg-ups from a veritable who's-who of deep-pocketed liberal lunatics, Barack Hussein Obama managed to become an Ill-Annoy Senator for all of a year before setting out on the campaign trail.

And THIS is what he brags about. THIS is what he feels puts him head and shoulders above a Governor.

I see.


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